Every Life is a Story

Our children go to school and learn more about someone else’s grandfather than they know about their own.  Just because our parents and grandparents aren’t famous doesn’t mean their life experiences aren’t important.  Certainly, your family history means more to you than the names in some dusty book.  Every life is a story, but your story didn’t begin with you.  Learning the history of our families is compelling and moving.  I discovered at an early age that my grandfather had only ever worked for himself, he had a small bicycle shop that he owned and worked in all his life.  It probably meant little to anyone else, but to me it was inspiration!  From that moment on I began to dream of being an entrepreneur, a dream that has come true for me, and even for one of my own children, his great-grandchild.

I lost my grandparents before I had the ability to record them telling their life story (and what they knew of the family before them).  I at least have my parents’ stories and their lives captured forever.  It’s never too late to start preserving your family’s history and creating a legacy for your children.  We have made the program simple; our courteous and professional production team will take care of all the technical issues.  Take advantage of one of the Family History services we offer.  Call us today to get the process started.

Family History Options


Sadly, so much history is lost when we loose a loved one, unless you have their story on video.  We use our people skills and production savvy to interview and record an on-camera session with the subject.  The resulting footage will be given to you un-edited for archive purposes or for use in a Biography video.  We can also produce a professional edited version of the interview to create an Autobiography video that is more concise and more compelling than just the raw footage version.

Unedited; $600 Up to 2 hours of taping, additional taping $200/hr.
Edited: $1500 Up to 2 hours of taping, additional taping $200/hr.

Historical Photo Montage

In it’s simplest form, this montage is a collection of photographs set to music.  The montage and the story it tells can be greatly enhanced with graphic titles, video & film clips, and voice over narration. Cost is based on the elements used in the creation of the Montage.

$6/video or film clip
$10/narration clip

Professional Voice-Over and Narration talent available.

Biography Video

Your loved one’s life story is presented in the format of the popular “Biography” television series.  All of the elements of a Historical Photo Montage and Autobiography are used to create this highly stylized documentary. We use our talent and technology to combine video interviews, phone interviews, historical film footage. print images, period music, graphic titles and your photographs to produce an amazing tribute to a life well-lived. Your family will be blown away and generations to come will cherish this family heirloom.

Includes Edited Autobiography, Interviews of friends & relatives, photographs, video & film clips, musical soundtrack, graphic titles and professional narration.  Flexible limits apply.

The Producer

The Sky’s the Limit!  This option is a Biography Video with no limit to the elements and resources you want to put into your production.  If you want a video that rivals the docudramas seen on the History Channel or Biography Series we can collaborate with you to get high-production value results.  With our experience and abilities at your control you will be the producer of a Feature Movie or Video Series that will honor your forefathers and inspire your progeny for generations to come.

Pricing based on Project Scale.