8 reasons why you need to transfer your photographs to video

Your pictures will be…

More Accessible.
A traditional album can only hold about a hundred photos, a DVD can store almost 2000 photographs.  One DVD will replace 20 photo albums!

More Easily Viewed.
Seeing your pictures will be as easy as watching TV.
Just pop your DVD in the player and enjoy.  Your photo montage will also play on capable PC and Mac computers.

Less Expensive To Duplicate.
The cost and effort of trying to duplicate all of your prints and albums so family members can have their own is beyond reason.  But copies of your Photo Montage DVD are available for only a few dollars.

Easier To Share.
Sharing photo albums with extended family is impractical.  But you can share your Photo Montage as easy as mailing a letter.  We can even post it on the web where anyone you choose can view it from their computer.

Larger And Easier To See.
Your photographs will appear larger and brighter than in print form. Enabling viewers to see more detail, a great benefit for older eyes.
More Entertaining.
Your photos can be set to the music of your choosing, enhanced with motion, transitions and even graphic title pages.  These features will make a very compelling program.  The more entertaining your montage is, the more often it will be viewed.

Preserved In Their Current Quality, Never To Fade, Crack Or Tear.
Every year that passes does irreparable damage to your precious photos.  By transferring your pictures to digital video they are converted to the digital realm.  Stored on DVD they can now be preserved in their current state.

More Easily Protected.
Many families have lost their photo albums to fires, floods and other disasters.  When your photos are transferred to DVD an inexpensive copy can be kept in a safe deposit box or the like.  Your family photos will never be lost to a tragic event.

For all of these reasons and more, don’t delay.
You are only 3 steps away from having your photos transferred to digital video. Call Today!