Film to Video Transfer Services

Securing your precious memories to the digital realm is a MUST.

Videotapes, prints and slides all have a definite life span so getting those images onto a more stable DVD is essential.


  • Transfer 8mm and 16mm film to DVD.
  • Your film is cleaned and splices are repaired if necessary.
  • Your images will be digitized and color corrected.
  • You will receive your home movies on DVD and your original film returned on reel.
  • Each reel of film we receive will be a separate chapter on your dvd.

We can put roughly 1500 feet of film on one DVD. This can vary due to the sizes of your reels and other factors.  As a rule of the thumb we can get 24 three inch reels on one DVD. We can typically get 3 seven inch reels on one DVD.
• 20¢ per foot of film.

Transfer your old VHS, SVHS, Hi8 and Mini-DV tapes to DVD. Each DVD we make can hold up to 2 hours of your footage.  Tapes will be transferred to maximize the content of each DVD, without any editing.  The DVD you receive will be a Basic DVD.  A Basic DVD simply has a ‘Play’ button feature on a blank menu.  Consider upgrading to a Deluxe DVD.
• $20 per Basic DVD Transfer

Deluxe DVD
A Deluxe DVD is created with enhanced menu design and options. Each Deluxe DVD has a Hollywood styled, custom designed menu complete with; Motion Menu Background, Custom  Menu Icons, Photo Icon Chapter Stops.
• $95 per Deluxe DVD Transfer

Photos and Slides

  • Transfer Prints, Slides and Digital Images to DVD.
  • Unlike big chain stores, we hand process every image.
  • Digital images can be provided on CD or any Static Memory card (Compact Flash, Smart Media, etc.)  You will receive A data DVD.  A Data DVD is a disc for your computer. It is not intended for viewing purposes in any DVD player.  If you want to view your pictures on your TV from your DVD player, upgrade to a Photo Montage Slideshow.

• $1 per Picture

Vinyl Records
We convert vinyl LPs and 45s to CD, MP3, or DVD, and we'll even put your music on your iPod or other MP3 player for you!  Click Here for more information about this service.

We highly recommend copying your new DVD and keeping one or more DVDs to play and one new DVD as your new 'Master'.  The Master DVD should not be played but kept in a safe place in case your other DVDs get scratched or damaged, then you would have a Digital Master from which to make a new DVD [or future technology format transfer.]

Please complete the Order Form and mail or drop-off your materials to our office.