Transfer Vinyl Records to CD or MP3

We convert vinyl LPs and 45s to CD, MP3, or DVD.
and we'll even put your music on your iPod or other MP3 player for you!

Audio CD: If you request an Audio CD, we will burn your music onto high-quality CD-R.

MP3 CD: If you request an MP3 CD, your records will be converted to MP3s and delivered on CD-R. You will be able to transfer your new song conversions to your MP3 player or listen to them from the MP3 CD on any compatible CD player or home entertainment system.

iPod™/MP3 Player: Once they've been converted to MP3, why not let us upload them directly to your MP3 player? Simply send us your MP3 player along with your order (make sure it's packaged well).

Complete the Order Form and send or drop off your records to our office.